PATH Representative

Today, we had the opportunity to hear from Ritu Kumar of PATH. Ritu works on the health system analysis team and has experience in numerous countries, a few being Madagascar, Sudan and Uganda.

PATH is an international, nonprofit global health organization based in Seattle, with 1200+ employees in more than 30 offices around the world.BLHC Logo

Volunteering with Northwest Harvest

Thanksgiving is coming this month, and with it comes the spirit of appreciation and benevolence. BLHC is going to be volunteering with Northwest Harvest, who delivers millions of pounds of food to people in need every year. Come meet us at the Deloitte Commons 2:00 PM Friday the 14th, where we’ll head to the Cherry Street Food Bank and get packing! Get more info on our Facebook page!BLHC Logo

First Meeting of the Year

Meet the company whose founder invented the defibrillator. During an emergency, a life depends on advanced, high-quality medical technology. Physiocontrol produces this technology. It specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling emergency medical response equipment including defibrillators, chest compressors, and analysis tools for resuscitation data. Our meeting on September 30th at 5:30 p.m. will be held in the Bank of America Executive Education Center (EXED) 310.BLHC Logo

Foster Ice Cream Social

We had a great time at the Foster Ice Cream Social today! Have an awesome start to the quarter! Our first meeting, Physiocontrol: Emergency Medical Response, is on September 30th at 5:30 p.m. Anyone who attends is automatically entered into a raffle for a free Foster t-shirt and tumbler!1236046_465374086938623_1628481018142939804_n 10425149_465374106938621_7081021985821029538_n


Today, BLHC made the trip to EvergreenHealth Hospital in Kirkland, where we had the opportunity to speak with five healthcare professionals! We want to give special thanks to these incredible individuals for taking the time to meet with us the Friday before Memorial Day weekend:

  • Bob Malte, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Neil Johnson, COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Chrissy Yamada, CFO (Chief Finance Officer)
  • Jeff Tomlin, CMO (Chief Medical Officer)
  • Laurene Burton, Governance

It has been a complete honor to learn from you and we will carry that knowledge with us as we find our own paths to the future.

Matt Scholz – Immusoft

matthew_scholzLast Wednesday we had the pleasure of hearing from Matt Scholz, CEO of the biotech startup, Immusoft. He is pursuing a revolutionary science that will turn a person’s B-Cells into, “drug factories.” Thank you to all of you who came to the meeting. Check out the link to Immusoft’s website below if you want to learn more about the company. There is also a lot of very interesting media coverage of their work.