Member Expectations

  • Waiver All members must sign the IMA waiver card before their first workout and again every academic year.
  • Safety Orientation All UBRC members must view the US Rowing safety video.
  • Float Test All UBRC members must successfully demonstrate their ability to tread water in a long-sleeve-shirt and long-leggings/long-pants for ten minutes without assistance and to put on a life vest while in the water. For this purpose, the club recognizes the Seattle Parks and Recreation float test Float Test Form and that form may be printed and taken to any pool (including the IMA pool) for testing purposes. Novices whom we have taught through the IMA Skills Class are allowed to wear life vests during practices until they successfully pass this test.
  • Work Parties Usually two times per quarter, club members meet to perform routine maintenance on the equipement. Members are required to participate in at least one of the work parties held each quarter.
  • Coxswain Training Members are expected to review our coxswain training materials available on this site and on our scheduling site. Members will typically serve as coxswain one practice out of every 4.