Equipment and Facilities

The Club owns:

  • two newer Lianguin composite 4x+/4+
  • one newer Lianguin composite 2x/2-
  • an older Kaschper fiberglass 4x+/4+
  • an older Wintech fiberglass 4x-
  • an older Pocock fiberglass 2x/2-
  • and two Pocock wooden fours with cox

Off-the-water training leverages the facilities at the IMA, including 8 newer Concept II ergometers. The club aso has two older Concept II ergometers in our boat house for instructional and training uses.

All club equipment is maintained by club members, usually through work parties.

The Waterfront Activities Center (WAC) plays host to the club, offering one of the most famous and scenic rowing sites in the nation. The WAC provides boat storage space and UBRC gains use of the WAC motor launches. In return, the club pays a nominal facilities usage fee to the WAC and ensures that its practice sessions follow WAC and IMA policies.


The Department of Recreational Sports Programs strongly recommends all club members have adequate accident/medical insurance coverage while participating in club activities. Each club sport member is responsible for arranging their own coverage. Brochures on the Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan for registered UW students are available in the IMA Club Sports Office.


UBRC shells can only be used at practices supervised from a WAC safety launch. Our practices are self-coached and interested rowers are encouraged to explore assuming the responsibilities of running practices.

Members sign up for practices by 7 PM the night before practice. Sometime before practice the next morning, seat and coxing assignments will be drawn up and e-mailed to those attending practice. Rowers are expected to show up if they have signed up, regardless of whether or not they have received an e-mail.

During practice sessions, the coach is in charge; in matters of safety, s/he is to be deferred to at all times. As UBRC has a lack of regular coxswains, each member is expected to cox approximately once every four practices.

Anyone interested in coxing exclusively is strongly encouraged to join the Club and will have their Club dues waived. Practices begin at 6:15 am in the winter months and 6 am in the summer months. Practice ends at 7:50 am.

Competitive Racing

For those interested in competitive rowing, UBRC is an organizational member of the United States Rowing Association (USRA) and competes in regattas throughout the Northwest. More information on competitive rowing is available via our racing page.