Coxing Information

All members of UBRC are required to act as coxswains from time to time. In general, members are expected to cox one time for each three to four times that s/he rows. Below is information on traffic patterns, commands, and other material to help guide both new and experienced coxswains.


Coxing Links

There are quite a few other helpful links on the web related to coxing.

  • is a site with a variety of resources for coxswains and rowers. This site provides several coxswains outlooks on what it takes to be a good cox.
  • OURC’s Coxing Handbook is mainly related to Oxford rowing but again has some good basic information (watch out for slightly different English terminology)
  • Coxing Links Rachel Quarrell maintains a “Rowing Web Service” site containing much useful information beyond coxing.