Join the Club

We welcome all types of members at UBRC. It doesn’t matter if you’ve raced for many years on a competitive team or have never even seen a rowing shell– if you’re interested, let us know!

To join the club, all members must:

  1. watch the USRowing safety video
  2. provide proof of a float test
  3. fill out our member info form
  4. sign the IMA waiver

“I’m interested in joining and have previous rowing experience.¬†Where do I start?”

If you’ve rowed before, all you need to do is watch the safety video and pass a float test as mentioned above. Email for access to the other forms, we’ll get you on the water in no time!

“I’m interested in joining but have never rowed before. What do I do?”

If you have no previous rowing experience, then you must take a learn-to-row class. UBRC offers two learn-to-row classes through the IMA each year– once in the fall and once in the spring. They both last two weeks. If you are interested in joining in the summer or any other time we do not offer this class, reach out to the many nearby rowing clubs to see when they offer learn-to-row classes.

Once you’ve completed a learn to row class, done a float test, and watched the safety video, let us know you’re ready at!