Who are we?

Union Bay Rowing Club (UBRC) is a registered club sport at the University of Washington.

The club consists of students, faculty and staff who love rowing. Club members can expect to become skilled at both sweep rowing and sculling. We row 4’s, quads, doubles and pairs.

UBRC is a member organization of USRowing, entitling our members to organize and enter boats in local and regional regattas. The fall head-race season is particularly active in the Seattle area.

Who is eligible to join?

Any students, faculty, and staff at the University of Washington are eligible to join. Spouses and registered domestic partners are invited to participate with their spouse or domestic partner.

If you are an experienced rower or have had some exposure to the sport through an intensive weekend learn-to-row class or have rowed for more than half a quarter in a competitive program (e.g., UW crew try-outs), you can join as an experienced member.

Otherwise, we require novice training, which is offered at the beginning of spring and fall quarters through an IMA Sports Skills class. Most local clubs and the Seattle parks department (at both Green Lake and Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center) also offer intro-to-rowing classes. Completion of any of those programs qualifies you to join UBRC.


Practice frequency depends upon the availability of the coaches to lead practices. Our practices are self-coached and interested rowers are encouraged to explore assuming the responsibilities of running practices.

In winter quarter, our rowers often coordinate land training for the first half of the quarter. We then resume water practices in mid-February.

Once water practices resume, we continue rowing (through quarter breaks) until the week of December 13th — subject to the availability of the coaches to lead practices.

For the last few years, water practices have been held 4 times per week, beginning at 6 AM in the spring and summer, and at 6:15 AM in the fall and winter. Practices finish at the dock at 7:45 AM.


Membership dues are the primary means by which the UBRC maintains and acquires new equipment. Dues are to be paid by the tenth working day of each quarter. New members are to pay dues and initiating fees by their third workout. All dues and fees are non-refundable. Dues may be paid directly to club officers. Checks may be made out to Union Bay Rowing Club.

with IMA membership $50.00
without IMA membership $95.00
Continuing after Novice Class $20.00
Full-time coxswains Free

Membership Responsibilities

  • Safety Orientation All UBRC members must view the US Rowing safety video.
  • Float Test All UBRC members must successfully demonstrate their ability to tread water in a long-sleeve-shirt and long-leggings/long-pants for ten minutes without assistance and to put on a life vest while in the water. For this purpose, the club recognizes the Seattle Parks and Recreation float test Float Test Form and that form may be printed and taken to any pool (including the IMA pool) for testing purposes. Novices whom we have taught through the IMA Skills Class are allowed to wear life vests during practices until they successfully pass this test.
  • Waiver Cards All members must sign the Department of Recreational Sports Programs waiver card before their first workout.
  • Work Parties Usually two times per quarter, club members meet to perform routine maintenance on the equipement. Members are required to participate in at least one of the work parties held each quarter.
  • Coxswain Training Members are expected to review our coxswain training materials available on this site and on our scheduling site. Members will typically serve as coxswain one practice out of every 4.

For more information, contact: ubrc@u.washington.edu