For Prospective Members

If you want to join the club, just show up to our class! Based on your experience we will recommend the appropriate class (Beginners or Club Practice). We accept new club members at any point in the year. Beginners are only accepted in the first 4 weeks of the new quarter.

For Beginners:
If you plan on joining the Beginner Class (Tuesday/Thursday6-6:50PM), please plan to join the class no later than 4 weeks into the new quarter. There is a lot of material that we cover so it is most beneficial to start right at the start of the quarter. For more info on the curriculum, visit the About page.

To join the Beginner Class go here

For those with experience:
Taekwondo has many varieties practiced around the world. At Husky Taekwondo, we train in the World Taekwondo (Olympic sport taekwondo) standards. That said, we take pride in welcoming martial artists with diverse backgrounds, so we respect the practice of other styles within the club (for more info on the curriculum, visit the About page).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.