Head Coach (수석교범)

Viet Tran

Coach Tran is a 4th degree black belt with over 23 years of experience in taekwondo. Prior to UW, he coached at Stanford University where he also served as captain of the competition team (2005-09) and president of the club during his undergraduate years. He is a seasoned competitor, having won a World Junior Championship (2002) and competed internationally in Argentina, England, and Japan. He is also an AAU, PacWest, and National Collegiate champion in both sparring and poomsae. At UW, Coach Tran loves teaching taekwondo to club members and preparing club members for competition at all levels.


Demo Team Captain (시범단장)

Ginger Kwak

Ginger is a Pre-Med student and a 3rd degree black belt. She has been practicing taekwondo for 11 years under Master Sang Heon Pae as a branch of Master Shon’s, and then as an independent dojang. She has competed and medaled in the Governor’s Cup, LMA OPEN, and Master Shon’s championship. Taekwondo has been an integral part of Ginger’s life for not only keeping her physically strong, but for strengthening her personality and connecting her with a whole world of wonderful people. She hopes to keep and share the culture of taekwondo with as many people as possible. It’s never to late to start!