Husky Taekwondo aims to provide a high quality training environment for taekwondo practitioners of any level, from beginners to national level competitors. In addition, we aim to create fun and positive environment for our students and club members. We also hope to foster a better community by bringing together members from different collegiate taekwondo clubs.


Our curriculum is designed to teach strong fundamentals for the sport of taekwondo. The training is designed to challenge you in a positive way which encourages physical and mental growth.


Our program offers testing once a quarter. Members have the option to test and to move up in their belt level. It is not required to follow our belt testing to participate in the daily club practices. Our belt progression starts at White, and continues to Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Danbo, and then Black. We have tests for black belts with a Master from a World Taekwondo Kukkiwon Certified Master. There is a fee for the Black Belt testing to cover Kukkiwon registration, belt, and any other testing materials.

We try and host color belt testing the week before dead week of each quarter, and this testing will replace regular class on either a Tuesday or Thursday.

Testing will include a technical evaluation, poomsae, and sparring components.