Our philosophy is centered on respect and courtesy. We aim to create an environment in which the students are able to develop a strong relationship between each other and with instructors inside and outside the mat. We also hope to foster a better community by bringing together members from different Taekwondo schools and martial arts backgrounds. In addition to training new generation of martial artists, we always welcome experienced Taekwondo practitioners and other martial arts background to join the black belt group to share their experience of martial arts.


Our curriculum is designed to allow beginners to achieve black belt within about 3 years. Those who commit will be trained by instructors to strengthen their minds and bodies for the journey. It takes effort and commitment to progress in the curriculum, so it is not required for members to rank up. Our black belts are also encouraged to mentor lower ranks and, because of high diversity of black belts from different backgrounds, encouraged to train with each other.

We cover the general overview of Taekwondo and the character of Korean Martial Arts. These focuses are Form, Breaking, and Sparring. In addition to these major focuses, we sometimes teach One-Step Sparring and basic Hapkido techniques with the falling technique. We will inspire our students to become role models and leaders (as senior belts) and use the martial arts culture to motivate physical and mental development.