Celina Hipolito

Celina is a senior in Human-Centered Design & Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction. She has been training in the WTF style for 11 years, instructing for 5 years and has also been involved in various demo teams. She attributes her ability to focus on working towards her goals to the discipline taught in taekwondo. She also does a lot of visual design work for the club.

Gavin Ray

Gavin is a senior in the Materials Science and Engineering department. He practiced WTF for 6 years in France before coming to the UW. Gavin joined the taekwondo club at the beginning of his second year at UW, where he trained in ITF to receive his first degree black belt.


Esther Gramling

Esther is a 4th year student majoring in microbiology and pursuing medical school. She has been practicing taekwondo for 6 years. This will be her 4th year with the UW Taekwondo Club and her second year as its treasurer.


Jesslyn Freeman-Correa

Non-SAO Advisor

Grandmaster Sung W. Lim

Faculty Advisor

Master Leon Preston