The Neuroscience Collection

The Neuroscience Collection (title is a work in progress; please inform us if you have better suggestions!) will be an archive and directory of current and/or topical publications in neuroscience and related fields. Such publications will include the formats of online scientific articles, book reccomendations, neuroscience videos, and presentations, some of which will be the production of the Neurobiology Club and its Media Committee. Our hope with this project is to provide a convienent resource for people to learn about neuroscience, find reference materials for their own papers and presentations, keep up-to-date with current advances in the field, and potentially contribute their own suggestions of published material. For convenience, publications will be listed with APA citations and other relevant identifiers whenever possible. This page is currently in the process of being created. Please check back later!

While you're waiting, we encourage you to check out the work from our friends at Grey Matters, the University's undergraduate neuroscience journal that is fully written and published by undergraduates. Click here to go to a list of their articles.