Online Mentoring STARTING SOON!

Due to classes being cancelled, the mentorship program is suspending its in-person operations for the quarter. Instead, mentees or any interested parties should submit any questions they may have below. The responses will be shared across mentors, and one of them will contact you directly to answer your question! Mentors, please keep an eye out near the start of the quarter for contact from the program directly, which will instruct you how to access the questions and how to respond. You are still welcome to virtually contact your individual mentors/mentees if they have been previously assigned.

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What is the most valuable resource you as a student have? Your peers. The purpose of the Neurobiology Mentorship Program is to provide undergraduate students, such those interested in neuroscience, psychology, and/or biology majors, with the appropriate tools in order to be successful, which includes student/alumni mentors who can provide support, tips and tricks on studying strategies, information on how to get involved on the UW campus, to mention a few. Having a student mentor is an amazing opportunity to ask about the major you’re interested in, how they got there, and any advice they have for you. Anybody is welcome to participate; you do not have to be an official UW Neurobiology Club member to be eligible for this program!

Mentor pairings are meant to give students interested in careers in neuroscience, psychology, and/or biology an opportunity to learn from your peers and upperclassmen, and foster a close friendship that encourages mutual learning and success. Mentor pairs commit to personal meetups ideally around twice a month, getting to know each other through casual social activities in addition to Neurobiology Club-organized events.


We are looking for reliable mentors, preferably sophomores, juniors, or seniors, who can ideally commit at least 4-5 hours per month! Mentors do not have to already be in their major! This a great way to gain leadership and mentorship experience; you will work with students/mentees, in either one-on-one or group settings, to serve as a guide on their UW journey and introduce aspiring Neuroscience, Psychology, and/or Biology majors to campus resources or academic services in order to help them get into their major.

Our expectations of mentors will be to:

If you have any other questions, please direct them to the Neurobiology Mentorship Committee at We look forward to hearing from you!