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The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding mentors and mentees for their contributions to the Neuroscience Mentorship program. These awards will acknowledge those who serve as exemplary role models and resources to the students in our program and across the campus community. Their innovation, time, and dedication to creating successful mentor/mentee relationships have been crucial in ensuring the success of our program; thank you for your continued efforts!



Candidates will be assessed on the quality and extent of their mentorship, as well as their efficacy in serving as role models for their peers, and their time and dedication spent towards building a successful mentor-mentee relationship. Any Neurobiology Club member who is or has formally participated in the mentorship program as a program mentor or mentee may be nominated.


To nominate your mentor or mentee, please provide details in the application on what distinguishes them from others, including:

Please contact us at if you have questions. In the meantime, thank you and have a wonderful break.


What makes someone eligible to be nominated?

They need one of two things: 1) to be a current member of the Mentorship Program for at least a quarter, and 2) members who have been part of the club for at least a quarter. If you are unsure of how long someone has been in the program or club, please email the Mentorship Program and they can check for you!

When is the nomination due?

We will be accepting responses until 11:59 pm on June 5th! Please make sure to get yours in before then!

How long would I be an officer?

Each term is for a year (Fall-Spring). You are allowed to rerun for your position or another position at next year's election. In the event that you are unable or unwilling to fufill your duties, a special procedure can be invoked to relieve you of your position; however, this has yet to be used.

How are applications evaluated?

During the first week after the nomination deadline, the nominations will be blinded and evaluated individually by 2-3 members of the mentorship committee, giving a score for eligibility, leadership, and fit for award category. The scores will then be averaged, and the top five will be selected.

What is the timeline for this nomination?

If I have a question that's not listed above, what should I do?

Email the Neurobiology Club Mentorship Program at

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