Committee members help out in running successful fundraisers. This includes, but is not limited to, brainstorming, planning, organizing, selling and executing various fundraisers each quarter. The goal of this committee is to form a committee of students who are excited to dedicate time to fundraising for the club to provide funds for meetings, social events, and other member-exclusive benefits.


Committee members will help brainstorm, plan and reach out to future speakers to speak at club meetings, coordinators for volunteer events, and various other organizations for the purpose of member-exclusive events. The goal for this committee is to establish connections and effectively communicate with speakers and external organizations.


Committee members will help in proposing and designing club posters, flyers, merchandise, and logos. They will also help facilitate web design (given applicable skills), and assist in sending out club emails. The goal of this committee is to help in advertising our club via design and facilitate communication with club members.


The mentorship committee maintains and oversees the Neurobiology Club’s mentorship program. Our responsibilities include organizing mentorship/tutorship opportunities, creating an application for mentor and mentee matching, overseeing the application and selection process of mentors/mentees, and coordinating mentor and mentee relationships. We also coordinate with related RSOs and their mentorship programs, such as TriBeta and Biology Students for Equity. Committee members may also facilitate meetings with mentors to discuss how to best assist mentees and keep both mentees and mentors accountable for responsibilities.


This committee is responsible for the maintenance of this website, the maintenance of an archive space of articles, photos, and videos related for the topic of neuroscience, and the photographic and/or video documentation of club events.