Squash Ladder

What’s a ladder?

It’s a way to meet new players, schedule games, keep track of scores and challenge yourself!

How does it work?

Signup on this website: http://www.squash-ladder.com/ and search for “UW” in the top-right corner. Then join one of the ladders available under the UW Squash Club. For now there is only one: Casual UW Squash Ladder. Maybe later we’ll add more specialized ladders.

If you’re already signed up, you can find the ladder directly here : http://www.squash-ladder.com/view_ladder.asp?id=685702539

Password to enter the ladder is: uw_squash_rocks!

Now you can email whoever is on the list and schedule a game!

You don’t have to report scores if you don’t want to. The goal is to have a list people you can start playing with. As more players join and start entering scores, they will move up and down the ladder and you can figure out who would be a good fit for your level.

Don’t hesitate to challenge people at the top! You can learn a lot from them, even if you don’t win! They will teach you the rules and a few tricks in no time.