Although most trips take place close to home on the Green, Skykomish, and Snoqualmie Rivers, trips to the Olympic Peninsula, Eastern Washington, and beyond regularly take place. Club trips take place throughout the year. Members have gone on week-long trips (Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon is popular for this) and have organized paddling excursions to Central and South America.

It is difficult to make a river trip schedule because there is no way to predict water levels, however there are river trips most weekends and occasionally during the week. Many river trips are listed on the on the announcements page, or are announced through email using the UKC listserver. The difficulty of the trip is determined by the ability of the group and the river flow levels. On Sundays, the choice of river is often based on the interest expressed after pool session.

Beginners should practice basic kayaking skills in the pool or lake before going on a river trip. River trips usually meet and leave from the WAC on weekend mornings. If you have no river kayaking experience the club usually teaches a couple of whole-weekend introductory courses in the spring. Keep an eye on the announcements page and calendar.

Transportation is cooperative, and all riders should give the driver some gas money. Please do not wait for your driver to ask you for your contribution.

In order for anyone to use UKC equipment on an off-campus trip it must meet the official trip guidelines, as described in the Club Constitution (see the Documents page).

Anyone can help coordinate a trip (recruiting paddlers for the trip, documenting the trip with ACA, etc.), but only current trip leaders can lead a trip.  If you would like to be a trip leader send an email to the current whitewater tsar.  They will familiarize you with the club’s policies and determine what level of trips you can lead.