UKC members can use club gear on the lake any time the WAC is open, all year round. There are rules all members must abide to, and these rules are in the handbook. In short:

  • Only UKC members may use UKC gear.
  • ALWAYS wear a PFD on the Lake.
  • A wet exit test is required before going out on the lake and/or using any club equipment.
  • Always fill out yellow card. This process is explained at pool/lake sessions. PLEASE leave it on the table while out on the lake and place in the file only after you have returned safely.
  • Paddle only when the WAC is open, and return before they close.
  • Always paddle with a buddy, or be well-practiced at self-rescue.
  • October-May: wear immersion protection (wetsuit!).
  • REMINDER: Return the key to the WAC immediately after opening the door to the club shed.

If you are unclear about any of these rules, check out the expanded version in the handbook. If the handbook is still unclear, feel free to email an officer.