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Trip Reports

Please post reports for sea or whitewater kayak trips as a comment below.  You must be logged into the site to leave a comment, please do so (or register) using the appropriate link under Meta.  The comments are searchable using the search box at right.  Although you may record any information you like in the trip report you may wish to use the following template as a guide:

Trip location: Skykomish (Main)

Date: 12/12/2012

Number of paddlers: 3.14; Billy-Joe (own boat), Bobby-Sue (Green Diesel), Jack (Habitat), Diane (Small Burn)

Flow/current: 66,666 cfs

Met at the WAC in am (9ish), ran the Sky from Index to Split Rock.  Had one swimmer in Boulder Drop, pulled them out with no loss of gear.  In the future will not recommend that beginner-intermediates run killer fang falls, they should instead take the fuzzy bunny fairy around to river right.  Stopped for coffee in Sultan on the way back.  The espresso shop burned the milk, recommend future trips don’t stop there. Pictures and videos are at www.example.com and on the facebook group page.