How To Join

UKC Membership

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To become a UKC member, you must:

  • Print and complete this form: UKC Waiver and Release of Liability
  • Pay the membership fee. Our preferred method of payment is on our website (see below). We do accept cash and check at pool sessions, but we like that website button a lot.The cost is $20.00 per school year for students. For faculty staff spouses the cost is $48 if you join in fall quarter, $41 in winter, $34 in spring, $27 in summer. All memberships are valid from the date you join until the start of the next school year. There is an additional fee for credit card purchases.
  • Come to a pool session during the school year or lake session if it’s summer. The calendar lists upcoming pool and lake sessions. Bring your completed paperwork and payment or proof of payment.
  • We explain all the rules for taking care of the club equipment, give you another form to sign, teach you how to wet exit a kayak, then give you the validation stamp for your membership card. You will be required to get in the water and swim, and will likely be paddling a bit, so bring a swimsuit and towel.
  • Paddle to your heart’s desire!

New members are required to attend a pool or lake session before they participate in any other club event. If you are attending your first pool session please make sure you have your completed paperwork with you. Then simply show up at the WAC promptly at the start of the pool session, with appropriate pool clothing. Plan to stay though the entire session. If you must leave early, please let your pool session leader know at the beginning of the session.


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Membership Type (valid until 9/28/16)

ACA Membership

While you can paddle to your heart’s content on the lake, the real fun is in the off lake trips! However, before plowing through whitewater, or spotting orcas, you must become an ACA (American Canoe Association) member. This serves as insurance for the club, and a membership comes with a subscription to Paddler Magazine.

To join, go to the ACA website at Select “PAC Individuals and Families”, and then sign up as a new user. Select “University Kayak Club” in the Paddle America Clubs drop-down menu. You can select the Introductory Membership (good for six months) if this is your first time registering with ACA. If not, select the “Individual” membership.