PRSSA Mentorship


As members of PRSSA, you can benefit from receiving help from professionals in the Puget Sound Chapter of PRSA.

As part of the professional PR community, they have volunteered their own time as a mentor for qualifying PRSSA students.

Each PRSSA member has the opportunity to be matched with a professional, who will be available for one to two hour mentoring sessions a month. Depending on the experience of the student, mentoring sessions vary.

Additionally, more details will be provided at our annual mentor training session.

Student Expectations

As a PRSSA member mached with a PRSA mentor, you should:

  • Contact your mentor at least once a month. Do not be afraid to contact them again if you don't hear back right away, but use your judgment about how much is too much.

  • Contact our professional advisors if you have any difficulty reaching your mentor.

  • Keep your mentor and Professioanl Advisors informed of any changes in address/phone or graduation plans.

  • Follow through on contacts provided by the mentor, and follow up with both the mentor and the contacts regarding the results of any conversations.

  • Always demonstrate professionalism. Treat the mentor with the utmost respect and consideration.

Mentorship Documents

For PRSSA members, please familarize yourself with these documents before applying to the Mentorship Program.

How to Sign Up

ATTN: As of 6/13/08, please do NOT download the current PRSSA Mentorship Application, as it is outdated. Due date will also be determined at a later date.

  • Join PRSSA by applying here with a $70 check payable to UW PRSSA

  • Download the PRSA Mentorship Application and complete electronically (no hand-written applications will be accepted)

  • Complete your resume and attach this to the document

  • Include a list of references

  • Write a 150-200 word essay on why you want to be involved in the mentorship program and what you are interested in

  • Have Professor Fearn-Banks sign the application

  • E-mail applications to Professional Advisor Rita Brautigam, APR

  • Feel free to contact one of the Professional Advisors if you have any questions

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An annual due of $70 will:

· Help you network with professionals
· Provide scholarships
· Offer guidance through mentorship
· Snazz up your resume
· Jumpstart internship opportunities

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