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Fourth Annual
Seattle Burma Roundtable Raffle
to support
village and jungle schools

for children displaced by war.

Read about past education projects the raffle supported.

Ask local businesses to donate raffle prizes!
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Pick up tickets to sell at June 2 meeting. Drawing will be in September.

Seattle P-I and Seattle Times clash over
whether US should do business in Burma

Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial calls for U.S. support of international sanctions against Burma."Only international pressure is likely to break through Burma's wall of
Read the P-I editorial (4/29/04)
Write a letter to the P-I: editpage@seattlepi.com

Seattle Times editorial calls for business with the junta (4/4/04). Angers those who support human rights in Burma.
Many write letters to refute.
Write a letter to the Times:


Read Letters to the Editor that weren't published

Stop using children as soldiers
A 2002 investigation by New York-based Human Rights Watch found that Burma's regime has recruited as many as 70,000 child soldiers under the age of 18, far more than any other country in the world...read more

Write a letter  urging the United Nations Security Council to pressure the Burmese junta to end the use of child soldiers,
including the imposing of travel restrictions on leaders, their exclusion from any governance structures, a ban on the export of small arms and military assistance, and restriction of the flow of financial resources to the country.

On Feb. 5, UW Amnesty International  focused on:
Child Soldiers and Human Rights in Burma

Speakers: Dr. Vit Voravit Suwanvanichkij, Clinician and researcher in Seattle and Thailand
Therese Caouette, Human Rights activist and Associate Prof. Jackson School of International Studies
Colin Bayne, UW senior, author of introductory chapter on international report about domestic workers.

Comments or Questions? Email us at: burma@u.washington.edu or call (206)784-5742.

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