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Letter From the Incoming Editors

As the incoming editors of the Silverfish, Cadi, Lianne and I want to wish the recent iSchool graduates all the best in their future endeavors.  Stay in touch and feel free to continue to contribute to the blog and upcoming editions of the ‘Fish.  Hearing about the real-life experiences of our alums would be entertaining and greatly appreciated.  Many thanks for all your enthusiasm, support and friendship.

Enjoy this issue, whether it is checking out the book and movie suggestions or gloating that you are finished with your capstone projects and portfolios.

All the best,

Anne Dame
Co-Editor Silverfish,'08-'09


Letter From the Outgoing Editors

Greetings iPeople,

This issue commemorates the meeting of great minds.  The old and new staffs of Silverfish have combined their powers to bring you a spectacular tour de force!  Many of the critics are calling it the surprise blockbuster of the summer.  Several pundits are saying its message will energize the nation’s populace.  One thing is for sure: Change is coming in the fall of 2008! 

In March, people came to the electronic polls in large numbers and they made their voices heard.  They called for dynamic leadership and they put their full support behind a six-person ticket – an assembly of iSchool all-stars devoted to reporting on issues that you care about.  Check out what they’ve already accomplished in their first 100 days!  Their achievements include an insightful interview with noted scholar Stuart Sutton, an insider report on a MSIM Capstone project, and an expose on the Student Leadership Council.   Also featured: a summer reading list, tips on conferencing, an article about landing a dream job, and our take on the evolution of the LIS 540 series.  Lastly we have reviews of one good movie, one not-so-good movie, and a long-awaited album by Portishead.

Without further adieu, my colleagues and I hand over the keys to the editorial palace. 

Jamie Hancock
Co-Editor Silverfish,'07-'08

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June 27, 2008
Vol. XII Issue 4

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Summer Reading Lists
What's the iSchool reading for the summer?

Nancy Pearl:
Searching for Caleb, Cryptonomicon
Trent Hill: The Donut: A Canadian History, Tunesmith
Stuart Sutton: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life
Mike Crandall: Annals of the Former World, I See a Voice
Joe Janes: The Man Who Made Lists
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Spring Fling 2008 photos
Emergency Librarians at Spring fling

All photos by Jill Hardy

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