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Message from the Editor Elect

As I prepare to take the reins of this vital and venerable iSchool institution I feel the thrill of excitement, but also the creep of trepidation.  It is not only that my copy of The Elements of Style is out of date…though it is.  No, what scares me about my imminent editorship of the Silverfish is the pervasive idea that journalism is no longer essential.  I’m afraid that in an era of instant news, a college newsletter that is published once a quarter might not seem important.   So while I’m introducing myself to you, I’d also like you to join me in imagining what the future of the Silverfish could be.

Photo by Marc Dupuis

The Silverfish is, and has always been, a big silver refrigerator in the shiny kitchen of our student community.  Here, members of our iSchool family can hang their achievements for all the rest of us to “ooh” and “ahh” at.  We can showcase our abilities in the literary arts by submitting poems, stories, cartoons, and reviews.  We can inspire our fellow students with tales of the great accomplishments of our student organizations, or our individual adventures in directed fieldwork, internships, and study abroad opportunities.

Photo by Marc Dupuis

I envision the door to the Silverfish ‘newsroom’ as being always open.  So the next time you feel like tucking your press credential into the band of your fedora, engaging in a snappy dialogue, or hearing the clack of typewriter keys under your fingertips, just let us know.  Okay, so we can’t provide the ACTUAL experience of any of those things, but I think you’ll find that the buoyant feeling of accomplishment you’ll get from seeing what you’ve written in the newsletter will come pretty darned close.  I believe that expressing yourself, showing off, and cracking the case are all still important.  I want you to feel the same way.

Photo by Marc Dupuis

Most of all, I envision the Silverfish as something that we all own and to which every single iSchool student feels empowered to contribute.  But hey, those are just MY ideas:  You are all welcome to share your vision with us.  This thing belongs to all of us.

Photo by Marc Dupuis

So what do you say?  Will you help me keep the bug wriggling?

Chloe Horning

June 9, 2010
Vol. XIV Issue 2

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