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ALISS raises $1500 for student activities

By Naomi Bishop

The ALISS annual book sale is the largest and only fundraiser for the Association of Library and Information Science Students. In December 2009 and January 2010 we began the planning and organization of the sale. Within four weeks had received over 50 boxes of books donated from campus library collection bins and ALISS officer connections! The morning and afternoon on both days were busy with excited book lovers. Something for everyone could be discovered at the sale. Paperback fiction overwhelmed the sale this year, but by the end of the first day half of our inventory was gone.

This year ALISS book sale raised $1500 in two days. Help from volunteers and word of mouth brought in many students. Running the book sale was great fun. I loved seeing students get excited about books and reading. I am not an enthusiastic reader or book buyer, but these past two years in the MLIS program have inspired me to be a more active reader and book buyer. After living in Seattle I have discovered that book sales and used book stores offer affordable prices and amazing books! Books make great gifts for people! The most rewarding part of the book sale was seeing people’s faces as they left with one or more books in hand.

The ALISS book sale was a ton of work, but the rewards at the end are priceless. I am very thankful for my co-secretary/superwoman Kaye! Without her, I would have not made it through the past month. We worked together and got the job done. At times when I was exhausted, stressed, and somewhat skeptical of pulling it off, but Kaye would say, "We’ll make this the best sale yet!" She motivated me and helped me carry bins of books across campus in the rain! We both are extremely thankful to our wonderful volunteers! Especially, those who helped out multiple days and collected books off campus and all the first year and online students that stepped up to help. It is amazing to see everything come together in the last week. Thank you to all volunteers for helping make this year a success! I appreciate all your help and hard work!

My advice for anyone organizing a book sale:

  • Personally invite volunteers to help and give them a specific tasks - check up on them
  • Word of Mouth spreads faster than anything - advertise by talking to people
  • Set up and clean up are the hardest days - recruit more volunteers than you think you need.

June 9, 2010
Vol. XIV Issue 2

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