Research & Information

How to write a Letter to the Editor
* Compiled by Eric Hasson and Josh Newman

Complete Texts of the UN Resolution 242, with quotes of clarification

Text of UN Resolution 338

Israel and Security: In a Nutshell
* Compiled by Eric Hasson for the Mock United Nations

The truth about JENIN
* Compiled by Eric Hasson in response to Palestinians showing the propaganda film "Jenin, Jenin" on campus

Just a few reasons why you should support Israel
* Compiled by Jason Edelstein to help students talk about our petition that states "WE STAND WITH ISRAEL IN ITS QUEST FOR PEACE"

When being anti-Israel is anti-Semitic
* by Bernard Pinsky


Other Important information


Report: 12-year-old Palestinian boy's martyrdom 'staged'
French media complicit in perpetuating 'myth' of Mohammed al-Dura .
Click here to read. Also visit Myths & Facts.

Who killed Mohammed al-Dura? 12-year-old Palestinian 'martyr' likely killed by his own people. Click here to read.

The Ultimate in Child Abuse: How the Palestinian Authority uses TV to incite their Children. Click here to start.

A powerful power point presentation illuminating the current conflict in the Middle East.
The presentation provides historical background, as well as review  and explanation of recent events.
Click here to start.



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