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Team Time Location
General Meetings Thu, 6-7pm (biweekly) MEB 238
Arm Fri, 5-6:30pm MEB 238
Control Systems Sat, 3-4pm MEB 238

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Recent news: Mr. Roboto


  • The prototype arm is FINISHED
  • We'll be working on machining parts for the chassis in the lab on Thursday and Friday from 12:30pm-5:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm respectively.
  • The final Autumn quarter arm meeting is this Friday at the same place and same time (5:00pm in MEB 238). We'll be focusing on the hand and scientific stations.

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About us

DUBotics is a multi-disciplinary engineering group that draws students from the University of Washington to participate in constructing robots for several international competitions. Most recently, the team has been participating in the University Rover Challenge and has to date competed in one year of the competition, submitting our first entry: The Cerberus Rover.

The team is divided into different subgroups that have work delegated to them by their individual group leaders, all of which are overseen by the team leaders. Currently, anyone regardless of major or intended major is open to join the team as most of the skills needed to participate can be learned on site.

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