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Chloe Horning

Chloe Horning - Editor

Chloe Horning earned her undergraduate degree at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2004. In 2009 she began the residential MLIS program and discovered the joys of being surrounded by smart and totally stressed-out people of both sexes. The five intervening years involved a sad lack of ivy covered halls, but gave her a chance to do lots of freelance and temporary gigs as a copyeditor, grant-writer, and writing tutor. Currently, Chloe can be found working on her deathly pallor in UW Special Collections, gasping for air in the IMA pool, or frolicking in the park with her recently adopted dog, Charles.

Karl Eckler

Karl Eckler - Webmaster

A shadowy figure, some sources report Karl as invisible and intangable, able to be seen only in reflective surfaces communicating with the world at large entirely through the auspices of digiital media.

This theory does not explain his fondness for Fedora hats, however.

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