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Dear iFolks,

We at the Silverfish sure do appreciate your patience with this month's issue. Now that the portfolio madness is over you can look forward to a completed issue very soon... Like right now!

This month's issue brings us a variety of news, feature stories and op ed pieces from a number of 'fish contributers old and new.

So while you anxiously await your portfolio approval from that mysterious (and hopefully merciful) second reader, you can pass the time easier by reading up on this month's Silverfish. Enjoy!


The Delicious Staff of the Silverfish

Jeanne Doherty
Silverfish Editor
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March/April 2006
Vol. X Issue 3
News Bibliophiles Spread the Love! SLA Joint Student/Chapter night iWorld Looks to Southeast Asia Meet Your New SLA Officers!
Features Are We Safer in the Dark? A Teleconference on Open Access to Government Information Alien Information Behavior (or) Do you really want to know what a Ph.D. student spends time on? Biblioteca The great firewall of China
Opinion Communities of Practice: Learning from One Another Share the wealth
(of knowledge)
The Question, Answered at Last How does one organize their CD collection?
Entertainment Cook the Books! Delicious photos from Seattle's Edible Book Festival
Reviews iWatch Bleak House iTherapy Cinematherapy for Graduate Students 101
Events Events Event Links


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