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Places to Know on the UW Campus


Mary Gates Hall - Your home away from home for the next two (three?  seven?) years.  The majority of your classes will probably be in this building; most of the iSchool faculty and staff have their offices here*; you will likely spend many hours working on papers and projects in the computer lab.  You will get to know and love the 4th floor, where the Student Services office, computer labs, iSalon (student lounge), and GA office are located.


Suzzallo and Allen Libraries - The primary location for research and information services in the humanities and social sciences.  Also housed here are the Natural Sciences Library, Special Collections, and Government Publications, among others.  There are numerous areas for individual and group study, as well as dozens of computer workstations spread throughout the building.  Those in need of caffeinated sustenance can go to Suzzallo Espresso, located just inside the Red Square entrance. 


Odegaard Undergraduate Library - The main library for undergraduate research.  Open 24 hours, 5 days a week (it's closed on weekends), this is one of the busiest libraries on the UW campus.  This library contains the Learning Commons, where you will find hundreds of computer workstations, as well as a variety of technology studios (including some meant to facilitate collaborative work).  Computing workshops are also frequently held here.  The lower level of Odegaard houses other important resources such as the Husky Card Account & ID Center, the UW Visitor's Center, and the By George Cafe. 


IMA - The UW's recreational/fitness facilities, which include a multi-level fitness center, indoor climbing center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and saunas.  Use of the IMA is free for UW students, and there are also a variety of sports and fitness classes offered for a nominal fee.


Husky Union Building - The Husky Union Building, generally referred to as the HUB, contains a number of student-centered services and facilities.  Some of the many features of the HUB are the ASUW Bike Shop, Games Area, locker rentals, and Husky Den Dining (food court).  A branch of the UW Bookstore is also located here, containing general books, supplies, Husky merchandise, stationery and gifts. 


Hall Health Center - If you're covered by UW's student insurance plan, this is likely where you'll go for health and medical care.  The Rubenstein Pharmacy, which is located in Hall Health, is the most convenient place to get your prescriptions filled. 


Schmitz Hall - Schmitz Hall is home to a number of important offices and services, such as the Registrar, Financial Aid, and the Q Center.


Henry Art Gallery - If you need a break from schoolwork, check out the Henry Art Gallery.  Admission is free for UW students, faculty, and staff.  If you're just looking for a new place to eat lunch, try the Baci Cafe, which is located in the Henry.  Note: The building is closed on Mondays. 


Burke Museum - The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture also has free admission for UW students, faculty, and staff.  And for those who are hungry, there's the Burke Museum Cafe.


Other on-campus food options can be found at the Housing and Food Services' website.


Not technically on campus, but still important:


UW Bookstore - Located just north of 43rd St. on the Ave (4326 University Way NE), the UW Bookstore contains textbooks, school/office supplies, tech equipment and supplies, Husky merchandise, and an extensive gift shop.


* Roosevelt Commons Building - More commonly known as RCB, this building houses some of the iSchool faculty/staff offices.  If you ever have occasion to make the trek over there, directions can be found on the iSchool website here.

September 20 2008
Vol. XIII Issue 1

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