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Edmonds Heights Outreach Event

Victor Lee, Abbie Ganas, and Katie Guye visited a local school during one of their science events, where they illustrated how different type of markers and pens are affected by mixtures of solvents on coffee filters. When these coffee filters are dried, these solvents create beautiful watercolor-like pictures. Similarly, the kids colored the book markers and then placed a drop of acetone on them and placed them in a bucket of water. The acetone then created different patterns on the book marker. These easy and fun demonstrations are a good way to teach children about diffusion and solubility. 

If you enjoy helping with children and show them how much science can be, we have several events coming up to give you the opportunity! Next week, we will also be at edmonds heights elementary on Friday, May 19th, at Penny Creek elementary. If that does not work for you, we will also have the Shoreline STEM Fest on that Saturday. See our calendar for more details or feel free to contact Abbie, our outreach coordinator, or any of the other officers for more info.


Volunteer Opportunities!

Two phenomenal opportunities to express your love for science among kids!


  1. Echo Lake Science Night
    • Thursday, January 26th, from 5:00-8:30
    • Age Group: K-6
    • Pizza and cookies will be served!

If you want to help at this event, talk to Abbie, or one of the officers, before Wednesday January 18th at noon.

  1. Lake Forest Elementary Science Discovery Night
    • Wednesday, February 15th, from 5:00-8:30
    • Age Group: K-6
    • Pizza and snacks provided!
If you would like to volunteer for this event, talk to Abbie, or one of the officers, by Wednesday February 12th at noon.

Lashes ‘n Lab Coats: The Chemistry Between Nail & Polish

Heidi, Beth, and Brenda had a great time helping teach middle-school girls about the chemistry of nail polish at the Museum of Flight! The students learned about what happens when nail polish dries and how nail polish remover works from Highline College professors Natalie Bjorge and Marie Nguyen, and made their own customized nail polish by mixing eye shadow pigment and glitter into clear nail polish. Then we talked to them about UW, being a graduate student in chemistry, and our own paths, research interests, and career goals. We finished up by making solvent art and talking about why nail polish dissolves in nail polish remover, but doesn’t come off when you wash your hands.

Lashes N' Lab Coats, Group Picture, Oct. 2016

Thanks to LaNiqua Bell and the Museum of Flight for organizing and hosting this event! We had a really great time, and we’re looking forward to future workshops in the Lashes ‘n Lab Coats series!

SEYH Recap

This year we had two great workshops at the Seattle Expanding Your Horizons (SEYH) conference on March 12th!

The Mars Rover workshop (gallery below) had an exciting day helping middle school students characterize possible Mars rocks with microscopes, magnets, chemical reactions, and flames.

Thanks to both the Mars Rover team and the Chemistry CSI team for volunteering this year!

SEYH Apr '16

Featuring WCS members involved in STEM-OUT

Here’s a really great article describing the STEM-OUT program, featuring WCS members Joan, Addie, and Scott! STEM-OUT is a partnership between UW and TAF Academy, in which graduate students mentor high schoolers working on senior projects. The goal of the program is to broaden participation in STEM fields among underrepresented minorities. You can find more information about STEM-OUT and request information about applying to be a 2015-2016 mentor here.