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Power Posing might not be all we thought it was

In November 2013, we were very privileged to host Amy Cuddy at WCS-UW.  It was an all-around blast, and everyone learned a lot from our fabulous guest speaker.  Many of us started using “Power Poses” regularly in our own lives.

This last January 2016, Amy Cuddy’s popular power-posing research went up against the scientific tradition of replication study.  The new study couldn’t replicate the effects of power posing, though, Cuddy argues, several elements of the original 2010 study were changed.

BigThink:  A New Replication Suggests ‘Power Posing’ Is a Waste of Time, but Here’s Why You’ll Still Be Told to Do It for Years to Come
Slate:  The Power of the “Power Pose”: Amy Cuddy’s famous finding is the latest example of scientific overreach.
NPR: ‘Power Poses’ Co-Author: ‘I Do Not Believe The Effects Are Real’

What do you think, clever scientists?  How much faith should we put in power posing?  Will you still be using it in your personal life?

UW Nobel Laureate

We’re delighted that a UW professor was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in physics, but are disappointed at the committee’s alarming trend of only awarding the prize to men.

Women Crack the academic glass ceiling

This week’s C&E News features an article entitled “Women crack the academic glass ceiling” on the increased representation of women among chemistry faculty at major research universities, according to surveys conducted by OXIDE, the Open Chemistry Collaborative in Diversity Equity. Though the percentage of women professors is still only 19.1%, this represents an improvement over the last survey and an encouraging trend. The article also includes interviews with several professors (including Christy Haynes, who gave a talk for WCS in fall 2014!) on how their departments are improving diversity and what else can be done.

SEYH Recap

This year we had two great workshops at the Seattle Expanding Your Horizons (SEYH) conference on March 12th!

The Mars Rover workshop (gallery below) had an exciting day helping middle school students characterize possible Mars rocks with microscopes, magnets, chemical reactions, and flames.

Thanks to both the Mars Rover team and the Chemistry CSI team for volunteering this year!

SEYH Apr '16

Member meeting: Friday, Jan 8, 9:30-10:30

Women in Chemical Sciences will be kicking off winter quarter with a member meeting this Friday, January 8th at 9:30 am in CHB 239. We’ll talk about several of the events and projects we have planned for this quarter, including the Danz lecture and on-campus Q&A with Anita Sarkeesian (don’t forget to buy your ticket and sign up for our carpool), a career talk by Prof. Arwyn Smalley from St. Martin’s University, and the second annual WCS lecture featuring Allison Campbell from PNNL (who is also the ACS president-elect). We’ve also got some fun outreach events coming up, and lots of ideas for more events and projects.

Let us know if you’re interested in helping us plan any of these events, or if you have any other ideas or suggestions. Hope to see you Friday!