GCF Lunchtime Round Table

Jesus tells us to go and make disciples and to preach the gospel….to the world. And most of us have this sense that we have a responsibility to share what we believe. Whether this sense comes from a good place (nudges from the Spirit) or from a strange sense of guilt that last Sunday’s sermon put on us, most of us wonder about how, exactly, we’re supposed to do this.images1

There seem to be a lot of different ways.

We’ve seen the people with signs in red square whose passion for witness seems a little misdirected. We’ve tailored our paths to bypass those fellow students with the oversimplified tracts. We’ve noticed those four students praying rather boldy off in the corner of the library.  But does any of this actually communicate the gospel?

And does it communicate in our particular context? The northwest. In Seattle. On campus.

We’ve wondered:

How do we communicate well about the good and beautiful God we love with those around us?

Is there a better way? A best way? Something more genuine? Less weird?

This summer we’re going to talk about it. Missions. Witness. Evangelism. That thing we do or are supposed to do but aren’t doing or just really have no clue how to do or are too terrified to do that Jesus calls us to do…and that our hearts are strangely inclined to do.

Join us for three lunch-time round tables in which we’ll ask more questions, share our thoughts and experiences, and hopefully we’ll come away with a better understanding of mission in the context of the university.

Wednesday, July 1, 12-1 P.M. What are we so afraid of?

Wednesday, July 8, 12-1 P.M. Is conversion all it’s cracked up to be?

Wednesday, July 15, 12-1 P.M. How should we do this thing of missions on campus?

All roundtable discussions will take place at Chapel on the Ave in the downstairs meeting room.