Our Staff

Rev. Geoffrey Van Dragt
After several years living and working in Latin America, Geoff attended seminary, leaving with a Master of Divinity degree and a wife (Ashley). He’s been in Seattle since 2011, doing campus ministry and learning the culture of the PNW. Geoff has no hobbies because he has two young sons.
Contact Geoff at geoff.vandragt@uwgcf.org.

Rev. Ashley Van Dragt
After completing seminary and a brief pastoring stint in Ann Arbor, MI, Ashley and her husband, Geoff (below), moved to Seattle to plant a campus ministry. Along with pastoring the campus ministry, Ashley and Geoff are raising their two sons, some ducks and chickens and now a new church community.
Contact Ashley at ashley.vandragt@uwgcf.org.

Rev. Calvin Chen
Calvin calls both Chicago, IL and Taipei, Taiwan home. Before seminary in Vancouver, BC, he briefly attempted to become an opera singer then worked in campus ministry with undergrads in Madison, WI. He enjoys volleyball, cooking, and being snobby about coffee and tea.
Contact Calvin at calvindc@uwgcf.org