Fall Quarter Small Group Series – A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness – Studies in the writings of St. John

As we learn the news of what’s going on in the world around us–earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, threats of nuclear war, a serious refugee crisis and so much more–we do indeed long for Christ to come and bring the sort of healing light to the world that only Christ can.

It’s for this reason that this fall quarter, in our small group series, we’ll press into texts that remind us of Christ’s light.

We hope that in remembering how Christ is our light in this dark world, we might feel comforted. And we hope that we might be inspired to be a light in this dark world–on our beloved UW campus, working for justice in our departments, lifting up the oppressed, and being beacons of hope and safety for our friends and neighbors here and around the world.

If you’re a grad student at UW, join us Thursday evenings this fall quarter, starting September 28 for our always-free, community meal at 6 and small groups at 7. It’s never too late in the quarter to join in a small group.

This fall, as Jesus is light to us, we’ll be light to one another.


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