Here are a few interesting links related to either the club or fencing in general.

Salle Saint-George

Located in Seattle, Salle Saint-George is a traditional school for classical fencing, historical fencing and the science of self-defense. The school offers weekly classes in French foil, military sabre, pugilism, cane/stick fencing, dagger and a variety of historical European weapons.

The Association for Historical Fencing

The Association for Historical Fencing is a non-profit organization formed by professional instructors, amateur fencers and fencing enthusiasts to meet the needs of the classical & historical fencing community. While these needs may change over time the AHF asserts its main duty is the preservation of classical and historical fencing through public education and presentations of factual, well documented information concerning our Western martial heritage.

To encourage the preservation of the fencing arts the AHF is dedicated to disseminating knowledge to its members and the general public through seminars, exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations, workshops and maintaining an archival library for historical documents.

Carp Swords

Andrew Chin produces custom and quality fencing equipment for discerning fencers. He has been supplying classical fencing groups with classical designed weapons to targets and protective equipment. Carp Swords is a local company, and could definitely use our support! He can be reached by email at carpswords {at}

American Fencing Supply Online

General fencing equipment can be purchased here.

Absolute Fencing

General fencing equipment can be purchased here.

Triplette Competition Arms

General fencing equipment can be purchased here.

Sword Masters

This is the best site to purchase women’s fencing under armor (Cool Guard sport bra with removable cups).

Blue Gauntlet

Benjamin Arms

Benjamin Arms makes and sells classical fencing gear (weapons and parts mostly), located in Arcata, CA.