Instructor Information

While our officers and senior students hold a crucial role in the running of our fencing club, we are equally fortunate to have a highly qualified professional Prévôt d’Armes and several Instructors-In-Training who oversee the instruction of club members in the art of fencing.

Cecil Longino

Cecil Longino

In 2003, Mr. Longino was accepted as a formal student of Maestro Ramón Martínez and Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martínez, training in both classical and historical weapons. He earned the rank of Prévôt d’Armes (Provost of Arms) in November of 2013 and is certified to instruct in all weapons taught at the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York and continues to instruct in these methods at the Salle Saint-George in Seattle, WA. Mr. Longino is also a student and affiliate instructor, working toward full instructorship, under Maestro James Loriega of the Raven Arts Institute.

Weapon certifications by date: French foil (September, 2007), French small-sword, (September, 2007), Spanish rapier (July, 2009), traditional rapier (January, 2012), Italian rapier (January, 2012), contre-pointe (June, 2013), poignard (June, 2013), dueling sword, Italian foil and Italian dueling sabre (October, 2013).

Striving to educate the public about classical and historical fencing, Mr. Longino serves as president of the Association for Historical Fencing, an organization dedicated to preserving the fencing arts. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Literature (focusing on Elizabethan stagecraft) with a minor in history.

Tim Nelson

Mr. Nelson began studying French foil at the Salle Saint-George in 2008 while studying history and Latin at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. He has participated in several Association for Historical Fencing tournaments both in Arcata, CA, and at the Grand Assault in New York, NY. In 2012 he was elected First Vice President of the AHF. Mr. Nelson was accepted into the Martinez Academy of Arms Instructor-in-Training Program in September of 2013, and is currently working toward certification in French foil under Prévôt d’Armes Cecil Longino. He assists in the instruction of students at the Salle Saint-George and the University of Washington, and teaches a youth course on classical fencing at Sand Point Community Center.

Andrew Chin

Mr. Chin studied Kendo for over 20 years before beginning his studies of French foil and small-sword in 2007. He was accepted into the Martinez Academy of Arms Instructor-in-Training Program in 2014. He continues to train in the French weapons while practicing Spanish rapier and Italian dueling sabre. Andrew serves as the official armorer for the Salle Saint-George.