Historical Fencing Club

This club is known as the "Historical" Fencing Club for a reason. It is about learning methods of fencing, or the Art of Defense, that were studied heavily in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. This was a time when fencing wasn't about scoring points, it was about defending your honor... and surviving to maintain it. Since the formation of the club in 2003, we have trained to fence as if the sword is sharp with weapons ranging from the foil to the rapier to the small sword. It is the defensive style that naturally comes with being confronted by a sharp sword that most differentiates historical fencing and modern sport fencing.

While participating in this club, you will not only learn techniques of fencing, but you will also learn why different techniques work, when you should use them, as well as plenty of knowledge about swords, the duel, and other arms and armor. You will also learn a little about renaissance culture as it is vital to understanding the art of fencing.


Equipment will be provided by the club and the club instructor, Cecil Longino. Although, if you are interested in acquiring your own equipment, there are some decent websites in the Links section. Or, you may speak with Cecil about where to purchase your own equipment (buying equipment in person is recommended, though online can be quite convenient).

Please wear the following to class:

  • A long sleeve shirt
  • A sturdy jacket (leather, denim, canvas, etc)
  • Full length pants
  • A pair of gloves that allow good finger articulation
  • Chest protectors are highly recommended. During drills, you will be hit repeatedly in the same place so it can hurt.

Class Schedule and Cost

Classes are held from 6 – 8pm** on Thursday evenings at the Husky Union Building (the HUB) in room 106. While changes will be posted to this website, for up to date class information and meeting times we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list or like us on facebook .

Our club incorporates two levels of membership: new members and advanced members. New members work primarily with the french foil, the traditional training tool of classical fencing, gaining a solid grounding from basic drills and supervised free-fencing. Advanced members work with other weapons such as sabres, epees, daggers, rapiers, and occasionally spears, bayonetes and longswords. They also help instruct new members. New members will be promoted to advanced members once they have demonstrated technical proficiency with foil, as well as a fundamental understanding of the science of fencing. See article IV of our club constitution for more info on our levels of membership. Meetings begin with advanced member instruction from 6:00 to 7:00. New members are invited to watch advanced members train with advanced techniqes and weapons during this time. ** New member instruction lasts from 7:00 to 8:00.

For our instructors' commitment, supplies, and most-of-all, skill, there is a monthly due for each member of the club consisting of $25 per month for new members and $40 per month for advanced members. Dues will also be used to fund club supplies purchases (i.e. communal protective gear, new weapons, etc.) and travel expenses relating to meets and tournaments. No dues will be required for the first lesson you attend.

Please note that you can join at any time during fall, winter, and spring quarters. Just show up to a meeting. No prior experience is necessary; most of our advanced members began with no fencing experience whatsoever.