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Doesn’t matter!  If you’re interested in doing outreach in your community, we’d like to chat with you. Introduce yourself to us at the Brain Awareness Week Meeting and Outreach Social at the annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting. Additionally, we usually present a poster at the meeting; we’ve even had video embedded posters in the past.  Come find us so we can exchange ideas!

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The Society for Neuroscience actively encourages members to “embrace and participate in public communication, outreach, and education about neuroscience.” Let us help you be a part of the action. 

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Options for UW Scientists

Brain Awareness Week Open House

This annual event is held on the UW campus in March or April. Over 700 Seattle-area students visit nearly 40 interactive exhibits each year. Sign up to volunteer at one of our tables.

Class Field Trips

Every year, many classrooms are turned down from attending the open house because of space or funding limitations. Host a class field trip in your lab

Health Sciences Open House

Every other April, thousands of local families and high school students attend this event to learn about the health sciences-related work that is carried out on the UW campus.

Public Seminar Series

We are organizing a neuroscience seminar series aimed at educating the general public on a variety of neuroscience topics.  Interested in presenting your research?  Tell us.

Teaching Resources

Video Demos

Watch as we guide students through some of our most popular exhibits.


The Society for Neuroscience NERVE website provides additional resources for K-12 neuroscience education.

Record and stimulate neurons of a cockroach leg using the Backyard Brains SpikerBox (c). The Backyard Brains website is an excellent resource and should be used for basic set-up and use of the SpikerBox. This lesson is an extension of some of their own lessons.  Focuses on understanding input-output relationships of a neural system.  Lesson Plan (PDF)

“Outreach to the local community and sharing the excitement of neuroscience research and concepts with students is an important part of our mission at the University of Washington”

Mike Shadlen & Tom Reh,
2001-2007 Directors, Graduate Program in Neurobiology & Behavior
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