Fall Quarter Small Group Series – A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness – Studies in the writings of St. John

As we learn the news of what’s going on in the world around us–earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, threats of nuclear war, a serious refugee crisis and so much more–we do indeed long for Christ to come and bring the sort of healing light to the world that only Christ can.

It’s for this reason that this fall quarter, in our small group series, we’ll press into texts that remind us of Christ’s light.

We hope that in remembering how Christ is our light in this dark world, we might feel comforted. And we hope that we might be inspired to be a light in this dark world–on our beloved UW campus, working for justice in our departments, lifting up the oppressed, and being beacons of hope and safety for our friends and neighbors here and around the world.

If you’re a grad student at UW, join us Thursday evenings this fall quarter, starting September 28 for our always-free, community meal at 6 and small groups at 7. It’s never too late in the quarter to join in a small group.

This fall, as Jesus is light to us, we’ll be light to one another.


Thursday nights in summer!

We continue to meet on a bi-weekly schedule over the summer for Thursday night community dinner. Following dinner we’ll be discussing the articles that made us go “huh” over the past academic year with local faculty friends and authors. See below for links to the articles (please read beforehand) and discussion hosts.

June 22, Kick off BBQ

June 29, A discussion lead by Dr. James Wellman (Chair of UW Comparative Religion) on his recent articles:

Time for a New Confessing Church

Weak theology and the anti-gospel of American Exceptionalism

July 13, A discussion lead by Dr. Kirsten Foot (Professor in UW Department of Communication) on the haunting article by local Seattle Times journalist, Alex Tizon.

My Family’s Slave

July 27, A discussion with our pastors on Nicholas Kristof’s interview with Tim Keller and on Peter Enns’s response to the NYT article.

Am I a Christian, Pastor Timothy Keller?

Tim Keller’s pastorally inadequate responses to a skeptic’s questions

August 10, we’ll engage the ongoing conversation around the Benedict Option. To help us in our conversation, read:

Christians have lost the culture wars. Should they withdraw from the mainstream?, By Katelyn Beaty

The Benedict Option or the Augustinian Call?, By Dr. James K.A. Smith

August 24, A discussion lead by Dr. David Leong (Professor of Missiology, SPU) on his recent article:

Seattle Housing Needs Some Good News

September 7, a discussion on a yet-to-be-decided article that made you go “huh.”

Summer Book Groups

In the summer, GCF reads! Beginning in July and going through mid-September, there will be several ongoing book groups with regular, weekly or bi-weekly meetings. If you want to join a book group, let us know soon.

Here are the groups you can join:

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, by Marva Dawn

Race and Place, by David Leong

Silence, by Shusaku Endo

Liturgy of the Ordinary, by Tish Harrison Warren

Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church

Beyond the Modern Age, by Bob Goudzwaard and Craig Bartholomew




Students Love Thyselves, a brunch time conversation for the women of GCF

women of gcf

Students Love Thyselves

Women of GCF, you’re invited to join us for a lovely brunch and time of learning and reflection lead by Cherie Katt, a local counselor. We’ll meet from 10 until 12 on Saturday, May 27th. We trust that this time will be meaningful for all.

Cherie Katt https://www.cheriekattcounseling.com

Special note from our speaker:

Through some teaching, some discussion and experiential learning, we will look through the lenses of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of self care that are life giving and places that are hindrances to your wellness.  Please come prepared with two objects.  As you see yourself as student, please bring one object that represents a part of self care/wellness that you want to hold on to, that is life giving to you, that you want to keep.  As you see yourself as a student, please also bring one object that represents what hinders you from self care/wellness, an object that represents the story/narrative around self care that you want to let go of, or be free from.


Spring Quarter Small Groups

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.37.13 PM
Art by Jeremiah Moon, friend of GCF

Rooted and Built Up

Join us for our spring quarter small group series. We’ll be looking at the letter to the Colossians.

Small groups start at 7, following dinner at 6 at Chapel on the Ave.

Colossians 2: 6-7 So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.


banner for lent 2016

Join us in this season of Lent as we journey to the cross through scripture, stories, and prayers.

Thursday night ♦ 6 P.M. ♦ Chapel on the Ave

Winter Quarter Series: What Is The B.I.B.L.E.?

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-49-28-pmThis quarter we’re looking at the Bible. This is nothing new in GCF. But this time we’re not studying the Bible, per se. Instead, we’re studying how to study the Bible.

Over seven weeks, we’ll ask questions like:

What is this book? How do we read it well? What does this book have to do with how I live my life? Does it have anything relevant to say about the issues we face today? What do we do with the confusing or downright difficult parts?

If these are questions you’ve asked yourself, then join us as we dive deep into talking about the book that, more than any other, has shaped the world as we know it.


Where should I go to church?

Thanks to GCF’s one and only Aaron for putting this helpful image together. It’s a person. A person wondering about church. One time Aaron wondered about where to go to Church. Then he visited Quest Church. You should ask him about it.

Finding a church in Seattle (or anywhere for that matter) can be tough. It’s a big city, there are lots of churches in lots of neighborhoods. Where do you start? How do you decide where to land? And when you do land, how do you plug in?

We think those are good questions and we’ll address them over the course of this quarter and maybe with another blog post. Hooray! For now, we just want to offer up some connections to people and churches that students in GCF know and love. If you are new to the city and haven’t found a church or if you’re a returning student and you’re wondering where to go on a Sunday morning, email another student and visit their local church with them. It’ll be great. Or it won’t and then you can just email someone else.

University Presbyterian Church
Email Ping Ping about this church.

Emmanuel Anglican Church
Email Nick about this church.

A Seattle Church
Email Charlotte about this church.

Quest Church
Email Linda about this church.

Evangelical Chinese Church
Email Stephanie about this church.

Luther Memorial Lutheran Church and Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Email Kelsey about these churches.

Marketplace Church
Email Victor about this church.

Made to Belong


Every Thursday night we meet in small groups and take a careful look at God’s Word. this-too

We want to start off this year by thinking together about how, where and with whom we belong. In the midst of change and transition, we find assurance in the fact that we continue to belong; to God, to one another and in this broken and beautiful world where we’re called to live as agents of God’s love. studnets-and-ashley




If you’re wondering where you fit in and are looking for a community where you can belong, come join us!

We’ll kick things off on September 29 at Chapel on the AVE. Dinner starts at 6. Small groups start at 7.


Welcome Back BBQ


Whether you’re a new student or a returning student, we invite you to join us for dinner on Thursday, September 29 at Chapel on the Ave. at 6 P.M.

Stick around to hear about GCF’s fall quarter offerings (small groups, discussions, prayer gatherings) and to meet this year’s leadership team, our pastors and all the rest of the students who make up this wonderful student community.