Where should I go to church?

Thanks to GCF’s one and only Aaron for putting this helpful image together. It’s a person. A person wondering about church. One time Aaron wondered about where to go to Church. Then he visited Quest Church. You should ask him about it.

Finding a church in Seattle (or anywhere for that matter) can be tough. It’s a big city, there are lots of churches in lots of neighborhoods. Where do you start? How do you decide where to land? And when you do land, how do you plug in?

We think those are good questions and we’ll address them over the course of this quarter and maybe with another blog post. Hooray! For now, we just want to offer up some connections to people and churches that students in GCF know and love. If you are new to the city and haven’t found a church or if you’re a returning student and you’re wondering where to go on a Sunday morning, email another student and visit their local church with them. It’ll be great. Or it won’t and then you can just email someone else.

University Presbyterian Church
Email Ping Ping about this church.

Emmanuel Anglican Church
Email Nick about this church.

A Seattle Church
Email Charlotte about this church.

Quest Church
Email Linda about this church.

Evangelical Chinese Church
Email Stephanie about this church.

Luther Memorial Lutheran Church and Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Email Kelsey about these churches.

Marketplace Church
Email Victor about this church.