Thursday nights in summer!

We continue to meet on a bi-weekly schedule over the summer for Thursday night community dinner. Following dinner we’ll be discussing the articles that made us go “huh” over the past academic year with local faculty friends and authors. See below for links to the articles (please read beforehand) and discussion hosts.

June 22, Kick off BBQ

June 29, A discussion lead by Dr. James Wellman (Chair of UW Comparative Religion) on his recent articles:

Time for a New Confessing Church

Weak theology and the anti-gospel of American Exceptionalism

July 13, A discussion lead by Dr. Kirsten Foot (Professor in UW Department of Communication) on the haunting article by local Seattle Times journalist, Alex Tizon.

My Family’s Slave

July 27, A discussion with our pastors on Nicholas Kristof’s interview with Tim Keller and on Peter Enns’s response to the NYT article.

Am I a Christian, Pastor Timothy Keller?

Tim Keller’s pastorally inadequate responses to a skeptic’s questions

August 10, we’ll engage the ongoing conversation around the Benedict Option. To help us in our conversation, read:

Christians have lost the culture wars. Should they withdraw from the mainstream?, By Katelyn Beaty

The Benedict Option or the Augustinian Call?, By Dr. James K.A. Smith

August 24, A discussion lead by Dr. David Leong (Professor of Missiology, SPU) on his recent article:

Seattle Housing Needs Some Good News

September 7, a discussion on a yet-to-be-decided article that made you go “huh.”