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Mentoring Management Guide

The UW Graduate School has Mentoring Memos and a Student Mentoring Guide designed to help students control and manage the mentorship that they receive, an essential task for underrepresented students in STEM. They also provide a Faculty Mentoring Guide because mentoring is a two-way street. GO-MAP recommends having a mentor in multiple areas: academic, career, psychosocial, and values.

Research and Literature Guide

The UW Libraries have a Research Guide and a Physics and Astronomy Librarian to aid students with monitoring the literature in our fields. Students may also discover scientific literature from ScienceBites' network of bites sites which feature accessible posts about individual research papers (Astrobites and ParticleBites).

Internships, Fellowships, and Summer Jobs

Graduate students can find opportunities via the AAS astronomy directory, the APS physics directory , or the general STEM directory from the Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP).

Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program

The GO-MAP frequently holds events and programming to promote the success of graduate students of color. The main office is located in Suite 034 on the ground floor of the Communications Building (CMU) on the Seattle, WA campus.

Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

The Samuel E. Kelly ECC provides educational and cultural opportunities to aid historically marginalized and underrepresented students. The building located at 3931 Brooklyn Ave NE in Seattle, WA.
GCAP is a registered affiliate of the ECC.