GCAP formed in 2019 following several students' desires to form community while they navigate the academic environment and culture during their tenure at UW. What began as a casual "chill lunch" at a local eatery became a way for students of color to address the avenues for building more inclusive environments within the PAB.

GCAP’s first and foremost priority is sustaining a critical space for graduate students of color in order to ensure student retention, success, and happiness. We welcome all individual, group, and departmental support toward our goals. Contact us about potential collaborations.


Here are the events that we typically hold or frequent.

GCAP Events:

Current and former graduates that identify as students of color are welcome to join.

Chill Lunches:
- support group for members' concerns
- held biweekly at a predetermined location

Prospective Student Lunches:
- provide insight on members' experiences and answer questions for prospective students
- held yearly for visiting prospective astronomy and physics graduates

Member Meetings:
- update members on collaboration projects
- held monthly during the academic year (and as needed otherwise)

Social Justice Speaker Series:
- featuring talks, workshops, and discussions aimed towards BIPOC students
- held quarterly during the academic year

GOMAP Events

Real Talk Tuesdays:
- engage in real talk about issues that impact graduate students of color

Power Hours:
- featuring UW faculty and community leaders for 1.5 hour interactive sessions
- discuss topics unique to the experiences of persons of color