The Game of Go

  Go is a popular strategy-intense board game that originated in China.

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  We accept new members of all experience levels, anyone is welcome.


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Welcome to our site!

Welcome to the University of Washington Go club website. We are a small student- run club for the strategy game go.

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If you’re interested in joining, why not check out our meeting schedule and list of upcoming events on our calendar.

Announcements - October 28TH 2013

The American Collegiate Go Association is hosting a tournament for university go clubs around the country. The University of Washington is competing in A-League, playing in matches every other week. Play in one match or several, the choice is yours. Just make sure you show up on time :)

Next Match: Saturday, 16 Nov 2013 at 10:00AM PST
Location: KGS (, Room: "Collegiate Go League", under "Tournaments"
Opponent: To Be Announced

Tournament Rules
Match Format: A "match" refers to a set of five games between two schools. Each school will field 5 players. The 5 players from each team will play each other, sorted from strongest to weakest. The match will be won by the school who wins the majority of the 5 boards. No-shows for a board are counted as losses.
Time: Matches generally occur on alternating Saturdays, and matches generally avoid finals periods and spring break. Matches start at 10AM PST, and are usually over by noon PST. Please arrive in the tournament room 15 minutes earlier than the match start, to minimize delays.
Game settings: 30m main time, 5x30second byo-yomi, Chinese Ruleset with 7.5 points komi, unrated, no undos, and handicap as specified below. A moderator will be on hand to resolve any disputes/conflicts.
Handicap: Games in the A league shall be played with one stone fewer than the normal handicap, up to a maximum of 5 stones. Handicap stone placement is free, in accordance with the Ing rule philosophy.
Visit for more information.