Meeting Minutes – 8/27


  • Al will email Isaac about what to do

Speaker series

  • Taxonomist: Isaac Pattis
  • Metadata Specialist:
  • IA/Content Strategist:
  • How is the degree applicable? What did you have to teach yourself? How do you make the leap from MLIS student to practicing professional? We’d like people to come talk about what they do every day (and not what the discipline is overall)
  • Talk to Misty Weaver about who we should ask to come speak (YOU ARE DOING THIS)
  • Talk to other groups to cement our slot (track down via directory)

Welcome Week

  • Meet and greet lunch: 12:30-1:30 9/27
  • Agua Verde (need to reserve a space – Al)
  • Orientation fair (9/20)
    • Need a poster and handbill
    • Poster should include: name, contact info, website, speaker series promo
    • Other services and events, InfoCamp


  • Regular posting schedule – twice a month?
  • Ask Marie (and Bob?) about classes people have taken that were really useful
  • Also get info from speakers
  • Go over and update content
  • CodeSchool sponsorship