Dispatches from ASIS&T – Panel on the Temporal Dimension of Knowledge Bases

“The Temporal Dimension in the Study of Knowledge Bases: Approaches to Understanding Knowledge Creation and Representation Over Time” Melissa Adler, University of Kentucky Corinne Rogers, University of British Columbia Stasa Milojevic, University of Bloomington Jevin West, University of Washington This panel addressed means of exploring change over time in information repositories. The participants all demonstrated different problems and techniques; since their presentations were all so different, we’ll summarize them below: Melissa Adler focused on the changing ways that LCSH has classified the term “homosexuality” over time, from a sub-category of sexual deviance to a sub-category of human sexual behavior. As … Continue reading

Dispatches from ASIS&T – Panel on Social Tagging and Reader’s Advisory

“Beyond the Playlist: Looking at User-Generated Collocation of Cultural Products through Social Tagging” Nadine Desrochers, University of Montreal Audrey Laplante, University of Montreal Anabel Quan-Haase, University of Western Ontario Kim Martin, University of Western Ontario Diane Rasmussen Pennington, University of Western Ontario Louise Spiteri, Dalhousie University The panel consisted of several collaborators working on the same question: what kind of information do we get from social tagging, and can it improve upon the catalog information found in most public libraries? The researchers looked at the tagging around Casino Royale in Goodreads, Last.fm, and the BiblioCommons and Encore catalog systems to … Continue reading

Dispatched from ASIS&T – Panel on Linked Open Data Dissemination

“Making Publics 2.0: Humanities Data Linked Through a Topical Repository” Eun Park, Qing Zou, Matthew Milner, McGill University Three researchers from McGill talked about their work converting a concluded digital humanities project into a topical repository using a linked data approach. Their goal is to create a viable model for sharable humanities data much like one sees in the sciences. Highlights: Use RDF and linked data concepts to described humanities data in a subject > verb > object format, providing links to other concepts where appropriate Tracked agents, places, and artifacts over time using a “Networked Event Model” that focuses … Continue reading

Dispatches from ASIS&T – Panel on Community Metadata

“Spanning Boundaries and Disciplines: Linked, Open, and Cloud-Based Community Metadata” Erik Mitchell and Kanti Srikantiaiah, University of Maryland Susan Rathbun-Grubb, University of South Carolina Heather Lea Moulaison, University of Missouri Jane Greenberg, UNC-Chapel Hill Broadly speaking, this session dealt with initiatives to understand and undertake community metadata projects. Although we can’t capture all of the details in this post, here are a few takeaway highlights: Jane Greenberg talked about two projects associated with DataOne: HIVE (Helping Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Engineering) and SeaIce, or “Metadictionary.” HIVE is an interface that helps scientists choose tags from among several accerpted controlled vocabularies for their … Continue reading

Dispatches from ASIS&T – Keynote Address

The ASIS&T Annual Meeting opened with a great talk from Jose Garcia, a B.I. and data management specialist at TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers) in Montreal. He discussed the stages of technology creation and adoption: Abstraction: creating an abstract model for the transmittion of information, including innovations like cloud computing that model personal information storage on a large scale Augmentation: finding ways to use information as an enhancement of our natural capabilities. Event driven design and reactive systems were mentioned as great examples of augmentation; check out http://spacetimeinsight.com/peek for a cool demo. Assimilation: creating interfaces that let us assimilate information without … Continue reading

InfoCamp Recap

Hello ASIS&Ters! In case you didn’t get a chance to attend InfoCamp, here is a short recap of what was covered and who was there (sorry it’s a little late – we’re all students, too!). Joan Vermette, User Experience Designer at Mad*Pow in Boston, kicked off InfoCamp with a fascinating talk about Organizational Parkour. The day continued with a variety of presentations on taxonomy design, UX, and job hunting (among other things). The unconference style encouraged a mix of formal presentations and informal conversations, which were a great way to learn about issues in the community of information professionals. If … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – 10/25

Meeting Notes 10/25/2013 RSO (in process) Tech person is at a conference until Nov 1st. RSO is aware of the issue. It should be resolved in a week or two. If we need to print or use any RSO resources, contact Phil Hunt. Finance Officer Email Stephanie Rossi, to see if she wants to be the Finance Officer January email a first year rep.   First Year Rep Email out an email in January be part of infocamp committee   Business Cards (deadline Nov 1, 2013) Erika and Anne has been in charge of business cards. Stephanie and Al will … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – 9/10

Agenda iFair Template in sharepoint Content: Quin-fold handbill thingy (ASIST document > 2010-2011 materials > General promo) Contest: Like the Facebook page or follow us on Twitter before including their submission Who is the next president of ASIS&T? 1st: membership in ASIST 2nd: business cards 3rd: two InfoCamp passes business cards: still 250, same layout Pre-order and regular order contact Iris (are we ready?) set up a Catalyst WebQ to order Jake Dobner is our contact Facebook and listservs October 18 for second run of business cards Infocamp RSO buttons as a givaway? Speaker series Stuart Maxwell, Andy Fitzgerald, anyone … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – 8/27

InfoCamp Al will email Isaac about what to do Speaker series Taxonomist: Isaac Pattis Metadata Specialist: IA/Content Strategist: How is the degree applicable? What did you have to teach yourself? How do you make the leap from MLIS student to practicing professional? We’d like people to come talk about what they do every day (and not what the discipline is overall) Talk to Misty Weaver about who we should ask to come speak (YOU ARE DOING THIS) Talk to other groups to cement our slot (track down via directory) Welcome Week Meet and greet lunch: 12:30-1:30 9/27 Agua Verde (need … Continue reading

Fall 2013 Announcements and Events

Congratulations on surviving your first week (or your first week back)! We had a great time meeting all of the incoming students at the iFair and our Agua Verde welcome lunch. If you weren’t able to stop by at either activity, there are plenty of other events that you can participate in later this fall. InfoCamp Seattle InfoCamp is an unconference for the information community. It features an egalitarian, community-driven format in which the agenda is created during the event — so anyone can sign up to lead a session! What: InfoCamp Seattle 2013 When: October 12 & 13 Where: … Continue reading