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Anne Dame - 3ditor

Anne has a slight tendency to exaggerate, an extreme affinity for bathing in chocolate and is prone to staying up til 4 AM to finish a good book.  Upon graduation from the iSchool, she hopes to land a cushy job with summers off for good behavior and perhaps be nominated for sainthood for her work with those unruly beasts called children.  When she is not reading YA lit, she can often be found hiking, eating waffles or planning trips to faraway places.

anne dame

Cadi Russell-Sauve - 3ditor

Grew up on Vashon Island and has an over-active imagination and a tendancy towards self destruction. Upon completion of the dual MLIS/MPA degree, Cadi hopes to be a trophy wife with philanthropic tendancies. She enjoys long walks in the rain and her spirits are raised with the gloom of overcast Northwest days.

Cadi Suave

Lianne Ho - 3ditor

Lianne is the only University of Hawaii graduate in her MLIS cohort, because apparently no one else was crazy enough to give up year-round sunshine for clouds and rain.  After graduating from the iSchool, she hopes to work in an academic library.  During her free time (or when she's avoiding her school work), she can be found trying to catch up on her favorite tv shows, adding to her Etsy wishlist, or shopping at Trader Joe's.

Lianne Ho
Gabby Barber

Gabrielle Barber - Editor Nouveau

Gabby spent her undergrad years traipsing to class in the rain at the University of Oregon, followed by a few cool gigs working at newspapers around the country as a copy editor and news editor. She traded gloomy Oregon climes for the slightly more-gloomy Seattle scene, where she can be found meandering Capitol Hill, drinking coffee, trying to learn French, watching serialized television on pirated Asian Web sites and doing a lot of general hanging out. She hopes to work in the technological realm behind-the-scenes in a specialized or academic library.

Joshua Walker - Webmaster

Joshua is a dissipated ne'er-do-well of the first order. His misspent youth has taken him as far as Uzbekistan where he paid the bills as a librarian. He spent six years on his undergrad at UW because of all the good history classes. They finally told him to graduate the hell out. Now that he's in the iSchool he's up to his old ways again. Chumps!

Joshua Walker
Jonah Bull

Jonah Bull - Webmaster Nouveau

Jonah Bull grew up in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, moved to St. Paul, Minnesota for college and recently completed his coastal migration to Seattle. He enjoys Web design (especially typography), open-source software and soccer. In the not-so-distant future, he hopes to find work as an Information Architect.

Meagan Lacy - Publicity Manager

Meagan Lacy has aspirations of being a reference librarian somewhere, anywhere.  When she isn't in class or working at the Foster Business Library, she likes to eat hot fudge sundaes at the Coastal Kitchen.  They're sublime.

Meagan Lacy
Dana Brownfield

Dana Brownfield - Publicity Manager Nouveau

Dana was born in Montana, spent a couple of years in South America, and now commutes to school from her home in Tacoma. Like most aspiring librarians, she likes to read. She also likes to draw and look at other people's art. She is looking forward to encouraging her classmates to share their own intellectual pursuits in the Silverfish.

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