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Thanks go to Kristen Dietiker for compiling this list!


Ben Christensen

Kristen Dietiker

Sherrard Ewing

Bo Kinney

Audra Loyal (Distance)

Catherine McMullen (Distance)

Phoebe Owens (Distance)

Marika Pineda

Gabor Por (Distance)

Miriam Rigby

Terri Shofner (Distance)

Brian Smith

Natalie Stephens

Michelle Wong


Peter Ellis

Eric Jarvi

Linda Lane

Bryce Smart


Marshall Bjerke

Zach Hale


Tom Dobrowolsky (MLIS)

Michael Ellerbeck (Exec MSIM 2007)

Duane McCollum (MSIM 2004)

Brian Rowe (Informatics 2005)

Larry Schwerzler (MSIM) Distance

Grant Yuan

Anonymous (MLIS 2006)



April 7, 2008
Vol. XII Issue 3

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Ridiculous Library of Congress Subject Headings
139 Responses Received!

Where do they work?
- 37% academic library
- 28% public library
- 21% in non-library settings
- 11% in special libraries
- 3% school library

What do they have to say??

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Words NOT to use in your MLIS portfolioirregardless, succulent, manipulate, lackluster, Bacardi, synergy, poseur, bloodshot, technological muscle, litter box, existential, beleaguer, The Wiggles, importune, lascivious, America’s Next Top Model, baby penguin

Courtesy of Jamie Hancock and Katie Maynard