Letter from the editors

Welcome to this year’s back to school issue of the Silverfish, and welcome (back) to the iSchool! For those of you entering the school this quarter, welcome to what will undoubtedly be an exciting, stressful, and rewarding time. For those of you returning, welcome to another year. It’s hard to believe that it’s already here.


And here’s another issue of the Silverfish! This paper is one of the only continuous links between the student body from year to year. Published since at least the late 1970’s, and possibly longer, the Silverfish (neé Sojourner) has survived two school name changes and a complete re-envisioning of the purpose and curriculum of this school. The paper has changed formats as wellFrom a single mimeographed sheet with school news and events in the early ‘80s, it has been transformed into a web publication with features on iSchool life, LIS topics, conference reports, student and faculty profiles, event and restaurant reviews, and humor pieces. In this coming year we will expand the Silverfish even further to include opinion pieces, regular columns, and in-depth stories on topics that affect us all. At the same time, we will showcase a snippet from an issue of the Sojourner every month. Often humorous, these cuttings are a way of showing where we have been as we’re trying to figure out where we’re going.


What kind of school are we coming back to? What kind of field and profession is it that we have collectively chosen? Furthermore, what is there to do in Seattle for a poor student, and what does a robot do in its time off? These are just some of the questions that we hope to address this year in the Silverfish. We hope that you will keep reading, and enjoy!


Happy Fall Quarter,


Phoebe Ayers

John Glover

Silverfish co-editors


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October 2004
Vol. IX Issue II
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