Shultzy’s Sausage

4114 University Way NE

(206) 548-9461

Hours: 11am – 9pm daily


By Sarah Evans, dMLIS


Once after standing in line for an obscenely long time to buy my UW undergraduate texts, a friend wisely led me to Shultzy’s sausage for a glass of fresh-squeezed sparkling lemonade. I’d never seen a restaurant devoted just to sausages before, but I quickly became a fan. Shultzy’s serves fantastic brats and burgers made from original recipes, full of scintillating spices that range from mild to “whoa!” Most items come on a French roll piled high with onions and peppers, and the thin, crispy fries and tasty coleslaw are a perfect compliment. Besides their delicious lemonade, they serve a variety of beers and ales to wash it all down with. Their prices are moderate, with the average person spending between $4-9 for a meal, but the fare is unique and delicious, making it worth the price.

"...full of scintillating spices that range from mild to “whoa!”

The atmosphere is casual and pub-like, with a couple of television sets usually turned to sports. You can sit at the bar or at a table. Of particular note for those interested in human behavior are the tables set against windows that open directly onto the Ave. My husband and I had a peaceful meal there one day while our two young sons sat entranced by buses, cars, and pedestrians with colorful hair. It’s also fun to check out the wall of fame featuring customers sporting Shultzy’s t-shirts in locations around the world. If you’re looking for some local flavor, check out this U-District classic.



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